Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Three Things

My supervisor has challenged us to come up with three things we are grateful for everyday.  We've been doing it for about two months. I think to expand it into my home life, I will be posting them here.  That way I wail start and finish the day on a good note.  

The thought process behind it is if you think positively, you will live that way. And honestly, I love it.  Some days it is a little hard to think of something, but you realize after awhile, there are a million things to be happy about.

So dear reader pals, I challenge you to think (and share if you want) what you are happy about. It can be anything!

I am also reading a book called Who Moved My Cheese? It's about changing your perspective and dealing with change. It's an easy read and I picked it up real cheap. But it really is funny how a simple story can make you evaluate how you live.  I recommend it.

I do ask that y'all send some good thought to my sister in law. She was diagnosed with MS and the family is in limbo waiting for more results. 

Other than that, I am doing pretty well and wanted to touch base. 

1 comment:

  1. Well, happy about my (now) husband Nigel first, obviously, my friends (Nessa!) and family (same grouping) and simply being alive (especially right here, right now). I also read that book—pretty amazing for such a small book, one small enough that I could actually finish it! ;-)

    Sending good thoughts for your SiL!